Dirty Blonde Ale

You know you want one!

Blonde Ale
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ABV: 5.00%
IBU: 19
SRM: 3 (Straw)


Give me a Dirty Blonde to go! Dirty Blonde is a very pleasant, sweet, blonde ale that simply eases folks into the world of craft brewing. It's perfect for a warm summer day, or simply relaxing after a long day at work. The low alcohol level means you can have a couple pints without having to worry about overdoing it, because let's admit it - who doesn't want to enjoy two or three blondes in an evening?

The Story

The world is full of people who like mild beers. Dirty Blonde Ale is for those folks. Everyone has that really attractive friend who comes and hangs out at your place sometimes and for the brief time that she's hanging out around you makes you feel like you're just a little bit cooler. More often than not, that girl is a dirty blonde. This beer was originally designed for a friend of mine who came by the house and tried all my various beers and eventually confided in me that she simply couldn't take the "heavy stuff". (She didn't really say it like that. She uses lots of profanity, cause she's confident and trusts that I won't judge her. But I digress.) She confessed she really needed me to make something lighter and easier to drink. Truthfully she said she likes stuff like Coors and Bud Light. Now, I could have gotten all upset and climbed up on my high horse and lectured her about craft-beer and integrity and an bunch of that horse-hoo, but I gave it some thought and considered that Coors and Bud Light sell a crapload of beer. So, I set about making a mild and relatively sweet beer that would appeal to folks who just aren't quite ready to dive into seriously malty and complex flavored beers with strong hops profiles. As a result I came up with a blonde ale which is not surprisingly one of our better selling beers, particularly among people who are new to the micro-brewery experience. As you may have guessed, the young lady happens to have dirty blonde hair and when I let her try her new beer she was thrilled and coming up with a name was almost too easy. (pun intended.)