Muddy Creek Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

So good we named a brewery after it!

Oatmeal Stout
On Tap:
ABV: 5.50%
IBU: 37
SRM: 40 (Black)


This beer is the reason we opened the brewery. Muddy Creek features a deep roasted flavor with rich chocolate tones. The oatmeal adds a fullness, mouth-feel and body along with the other malts we use to build a hearty but smooth stout. The hops profile is designed to compliment the rich, earthy flavor of the beer without detracting from the rich fullness of the roasted chocolate flavors we're trying to highlight. Muddy Creek, like any stout is wonderful when served on nitro! We also serve this amazing beer on CO2, giving you a somewhat less rich option if you prefer.

The Story

Our Brewmaster had come up with a chocolate stout recipe after years of tinkering and I believed it was pretty good. However he simply couldn't come up with a name for the beer. Several suggestions were thrown around but none of them felt quite right. As you can imagine, naming a beer is pretty important stuff, and he knew this beer had to have JUST the right name. One day the Brewmaster was at work, discussing the beer with some co-workers and one of them, who happens to be a fellow who hasn't touched alcohol for over 15 years said out of the blue, "Well that sounds just like a Muddy Creek." He knew instantly that this was the perfect name. This fellow, who'd decided years ago to quit drinking and carousing and raising hell had suddenly come up with the absolutely perfect name for our chocolate oatmeal stout. Later, we ran blind taste tests of Muddy Creek against Cold Smoke Scottish Ale. While they aren't quite the same style, Muddy Creek fared quite well against an excellent beer. So well in fact that we felt confident that we could succeed with our own brewery. We liked the name Muddy Creek so well, that we decided to name the brewery after it. So there you have it. A little piece of trivia history. The cornerstone beer and the brewery itself were ultimately named by a fellow who gave up drinking over 15 years ago. Sometimes karma just has a way of working out in your favor.