Streamside Wheat Ale

Dip your toes in.

American Wheat or Rye
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ABV: 4.25%
IBU: 20
SRM: 4 (Pale Gold)


Streamside is a brand new American Wheat Ale from Muddy Creek meant to wet your summer palate. This extraordinarily light session wheat is an easy drinking, unfiltered American Wheat. It does not feature the strong esters you'll find in typical hefeweizen style beers, rather this smooth, mild beer is gentle and calm like a cool stream in an isolated forest. The beer features 2-row, white wheat and honey malt to give it a touch of sweetness. The hops bill is built around some of my all-time favorites, Centennial is used to create a mild bittering base and Amarillo is used for flavoring and aroma additions. We hope you'll enjoy this light wheat ale. We made it just for you as the summer starts to heat up.

The Story

While folks don't always think we listen at Muddy Creek, we really do. We know we haven't had an American Wheat on for some time and we've been really trying to work one in to the lineup for awhile. Normally we'd put Good Time or Clementine out there, but with the summer heating up it was a great opportunity to try a new recipe for a lighter, milder wheat ale. Having grown up in Montana and visited Glacier along with innumerable streams throughout my life, when the name "Streamside" was suggested I immediately thought it was a perfect compliment to the beer as well as our brewery and our heritage as a scenic and recreational state.